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“But I’ve also always read — that’s my first love. I like short fiction because you have to tell a story in a condensed format. You can’t screw around with what you’re saying. Everything has to count. Everything has to matter. And that’s what I like about songwriting: You don’t have time for filler. Potency is important in that setting.”

8 Feb

Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connor, known by her stage name Lorde, is a 17 year old New Zealand singer-songwriter. Born and raised in Devonport, Auckland.   For a young woman, she has won the Grammy Award for Song of the Year, Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance and MTV Europe Music Award for Best New Zealand Act!  

A beautiful young woman who has a voice and people are listening! Her latest song has a poignant message to young adults is  WE’RE ON EACH OTHER’S TEAM!  Sending the voice on tests that didn’t need to be passed in order to be allowed in: sometimes the person who loses is stronger.  

Photo Courtesy of birdiemag.com

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