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I Haven’t Even Started Christmas Shopping! What’s Wrong With Me?

11 Dec

Received the following question today in my inbox, perhaps other readers are experiencing the same thing!

 “No tree, I haven’t even pulled the ornaments out of the garage!  I have no energy and haven’t even begun to go gift shopping.  Let alone  go to the grocery store to get the items to make holiday cookies for my children’s teachers (Jimmy 7 and Lydia 8 )!  Is it me? “,  Sara Ann Denision, Carmel NY.

It’s getting closer!  The celebrations are about to start and perhaps some of you know you have to get going…snickering at the ones who have their tree up, trimmed and the reef on the door!  How come they are so ready!  Well we all live busy lives and some shape or fashion, people do find the time!

Where others beg to have at least 5 minutes to themselves just to not think at all!

Well Sara Ann, I suggest you take that five minutes and relax,  maybe 15 minutes! <besides you have two young children and you are definitely on the go 24/7>.  Then take a deep breath and write the things you need to do and decide, if they can be done by the 25th or it can wait until after!

Once you’ve decided that,  then get out your calendar and sit at the computer!  Start planning the upcoming days and search on-line to see if there are any deals  – where the item can either be shipped or you can get coupons (if you want to go to the store itself)!

Whatever you decide, don’t get anxiety over it AND if is not in your budget, then it’s not in your budget!   Everyone is watching their wallet and these are tough times!

I know this may sound cliché, this time of year is about reflecting and being thankful.  It is!!!!  No matter what your faith  is or how you celebrate, it’s always ends up being thankful and caring about the ones dear to you!

So take a breather and begin!  Get the kids involved to make it fun!    See how another Sara is handling her Christmas this year, I have attached the link below….I thought it might help!

Oh!  Happy Holidays to you….let me know how it turns out for you!

Letia 🙂

P.S.  No, I did not make the sugar snowflake cookies in the photo, here’s the recipe from Delish.com!

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