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Rihanna Frenzy! RiRi MAC Collection Line and Styled to Rock Series on Bravo!

23 Oct

A MAC frenzy, completely sold out in NYC!  I tried my best to get my daughter the limited edition RiRi Woo lipstick from the RiRi Hearts MAC Fall Collection!  I tried, I really tried.

Even in the airport where MAC is being  sold in the duty-free area….NO LUCK! They had SOLD OUT stickers on the display!

Then I tried calling in some favors, only to get a great laugh! “Psst, yeah right!”.  Three weeks and still no luck, nada, nothing!  Will it come back in stock, who knows?  All I can say is the marketing frenzy is crazy and I know Rihanna’s camp is very, very happy!

Miss Robin Rihanna Fenty has collaborated with brands like Covergirl, Gucci and Vita Coco coconut water just to name a few. For only being seven years into the music industry, she has an empire.  Lately the racy controversial video, the MAC makeup line, Twitter fights on whose relevant (she’s global for those who may forget) and her new reality series on Bravo, Styled to Rock beginning this Friday!

What is the series all about?  Styled to Rock will feature RihannaPharell and many other celebrity guests which give aspiring designers a chance to style an outfit for one or more musical acts each week. The contestants are fighting for a $100,000 dollar cash prize, a fashion feature in Glamour magazine and the once-in-a-lifetime chance to become the next member of Rihanna’s style team!! 🙂

The concept is the same as other reality shows where the opportunity to have an unknown talent show their work.  It’s important and I always say you won’t know, unless you try!

I know a lot of you are into fashion, makeup and hair.  Who isn’t, I am too!  I also am into set design, props, lights and cameras!  So I will be looking at EVERYTHING to get ideas, marvel at the work in front and behind the scenes. More importantly to see who we may think of as just ordinary people, really do marvel.

I digressed!  Back to the MAC line!  I’m still looking for a MAC restock !  RiRi Woo! Helpppppp!  I heard through the grapevine that a Holiday collection is on its way! I just need one lipstick under my Umbrella, brella, brella! LOL ! 🙂

Here is an unusual beautiful result of the photo shot I took of a MAC billboard advertising the RiRi cosmetic line!


Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design Letia 😉

MAC Fall Collection photo by MAC Cosmetics. Photos by Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design® 

Fashion Week, the Makeup Artist and Sam Fine!

21 Jan

You know how much I love photographers and makeup artists!  Their eye is the most creative asset to set a tone, give an illusion or enhance;  they LOVE what they do.

As we are all gearing up for NY Fashion Week, it’s the hair stylists, makeup artists and photographers that make it all work!

It all comes together, when their collaborated efforts give the sort after wonderful results with the fashion designer.  The fashion designer has a vision and it’s up to the makeup artist to truly make it happen!

One of my all time favorite make-up artist is Sam Fine.  A renown celebrity makeup artist; his work has been featured all over the world!  He is the “one” celebrities call!  He has spent time studying and exploring the many details of a woman’s face, where he can take a flaw and make it disappear!  He can transcend the dynamics of the face to a mystifying; yet so beautiful look.

For woman of color, he definitely identifies the best answer to bringing out the best look, which starts with a setting the right color foundation on the canvas of a woman’s face!  It’s no secret among the many industry professionals, Sam Fine is the source, he has analyzed, practiced, perfected his craft; that not only has made him world known, but respectably known!

The one thing that I love about him, is that he is always so very humble!  He shares, it could either be writing a book to show the basics of applying your makeup or a step by step tutorial DVD.  He makes it simple,  if you just follow his guidance, you will achieve a look that you are most proud of.  He gives you the reassurance, that as you do the makeup steps often, you will get better and better!

An avid user of Twitter his followers can see what he’s up to, ask him questions and when not too busy; he unselfishly replies with an answer when he can (@SamFineBeauty).   How do I know? First, I’m a follower and second, I throw him a question now and then; he graciously replies!  Which I think is pretty awesome! <how else would I know how to seamlessly put on my eyelashes!>

He recently worked with Queen Latifah on a few upcoming Cover Girl® commercials, where he has worked his magic in getting the CoverGirl® herself just right!  She looks beautiful!

If you would like to see Sam Fine in action and you are interested in learning how to apply your makeup, the right way; look below.  His latest DVD, FINE The Basics of Beauty can be found at www.samfine.com.

Sam Fine’s journey is a wonderful lesson in how hard work, dedication and being open to learn as much as you can; does open the door for those possibilities of doing that one thing that you so love to do.   Sam Fine definitely ROCKS!

So when looking at the runways during Fashion Week,  yes we love the designs, but do remember there is a makeup artist behind the scenes loving what they do and working very, very hard!

Letia 🙂

Videos by Sam Fine via MakeupArtistSamFine, Queen Latifah CoverGirl® shot by Sam Fine via Twitter.

COVERGIRL.. Beauty Buzz with Taylor Swift!

8 Jan

If you are on FaceBook, look for the MyCOVERGIRL page, sign up and make your own COVERGIRL ad!

Just for signing up, you’ll be entered in the promotion:
A chance to dance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show! Plus! The first 1,000 COVERGIRLs who register receive a FREE LashBlast Volume Mascara!

Taylor Swift, what can I say about this beautiful young lady!  She’s now a COVERGIRL®; since this past October and she is definitely enjoying herself.    Her “Speak Now” CD is one of my favorites!   http:/www.taylorswift.com for more about her and her music!

They’re also donating $1 to the U.S. Make A Wish Foundation® for the first 50,000 COVERGIRLs who join!

They will contact you via email if you’ve won any of the above. In the mean time, share your statement and check back next month for more exciting prizes and experiences!  Have fun!

Psst!  I love their Outlast Smoothwear All-Day Lipcolor…can’t find it at your local drugstore, go to their site on-line to buy!  I know, I should list in Letia’s Favorites….never thought about lipstick!

Letia 😉

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