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CityRow NYC! Fun, Intense with that WOW Factor!

26 Jul
Helaine Knapp

CityRow CEO & Founder, Helaine Knapp

row·ing noun \ˈrō-iŋ\ : the sport of racing in long, narrow boats that are moved by using oars.

Not actually in a narrow boat, not even near the water…..then what are you saying; perhaps as you read the definition!

I’m trying to let you know that I was in the closest adaptation of rowing; in an exercise class at CityRow; right near Union Square in NYC!

Brilliant idea by the CEO and Founder, Helaine Knapp!  A young, enthusiastic and beautiful woman who decided to take a chance on her dream of her way of being fit and went for it!  Approaching her 1 yr. anniversary, it has had the entire city buzzing with excitement – no one else is doing anything like this in the city!

” I’ve taken tons of classes and became really passionate about the group fitness format, but it was probably my background in working at tech start-ups that inspired me to pursue this.   This time it’s my vision, and it’s been amazing to see it come to life.”

For some reason, I was thinking about an oar, but the type of movement of moving water on the side of the boat, first the right and then turn to the left!  Simple, right?  I was so wrong!  WRONG, I say!

An intense workout, where you are pulling utilizing your knees and those muscles you kind of forgotten about on this sexy looking machine called a WaterRower!

Well even though I was not on a lake or river, the rowing machines did have water – which was definitely felt when the endurance was increased.


CityRow – NYC Instructor, Neil Totton

The instructor for our class, was Neil Totton who was so patient and kind; and his that don’t wait now…keep going attitude was so on point!

My heart rate was up in about 5 minutes and I was so amazed that how the water you’re pulling played such an intricate path of feeling like you were actually rowing, but it is stationary!

The class was near shy of an hour-long, which also involved stretching and a little strength training!

When the class was over, I was exhausted from all the activity!  I keep asking jokingly, “Did we reach land yet?”… for I knew all the rowing I did – we had to have reached our destination, we were already in Manhattan, so we had to be in New Jersey, Treasure Island…any place!

I had posted a few pictures on Instagram when taking the class, where I’d gotten so many e-mails, asking was that me!  I’d often replied, yes that’s me with the “after” the workout hairdo and the exhausted look, but I was still smiling!  It really was a whole lot of fun!

Afterwards we all had a little bite to eat with Helaine next door at HU Kitchen!  It was just wonderful talking and spending time with her.  I wish her the absolute best; for she is soaring in the right direction.  I would not even be surprised at all, if there’s major cities in her future!  CEO & Founder Helaine Knapp and Letia Mitchell

Would I go again, I sure would!  The classes are simple and priced reasonably!

The staff is absolutely awesome.  I am planning soon on bringing a friend with me and then go to Union Square’s Farmers Market after.

So if you are tired of your current exercise routine and you are near or perhaps visiting NYC; CityRow NYC is the place to go!

I would like to give a big thank you to Mind|Body|Spirit/Network for their invitation to attend this great class!

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & DesignLetia 🙂

CityRow is located at 80 5th Avenue, Suite 1501 New York, NY 10011 (212) 242-4790 http://www.cityrow.com  YouTube video by Glam.com

For more photos of the exciting CityRow NYC lifestyle via Instragram, click CityRow.



Williams-Sonoma Great Cooking Classes!

9 Aug

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a cooking class at Williams – Sonoma right near my home!  BREAKFAST!   I was welcomed by a wonderful staff!

Sandy greeted the attendees with a smile and listing of all the recipes to be taught today.  Dianne who was the chef for the day and Monica, her co-worker -helped with a smile.

Oh!  Then there was Tom who working on placing the new displays – while fighting back the smell of bacon in the air!

The class showed how to make granola from scratch, with an added twist of  sesame seeds and currants served with plain yogurt and strawberries, whole wheat buttermilk pancakes with true maple syrup, ending with the most divine Panini sandwich!  Made with eggs, bacon, cheddar cheese, tomato and BUTTER!!!!!!!!    All I needed was a mermosa, newspaper and a cup of coffee to top it off!

The recipes were quite easy, Dianne made it seem simple!  If you ever are in the store, take a peek behind the counter, it’s also a ready made kitchen.  Gas stove, refrigerator and sink! For personal and cozy; not stuffy at all.

This a great way to get some help in the cooking department and be able to check the products being used!  I enjoyed myself and had the opportunity to see others enjoy themselves as well.

I was watching Dianne mix all the ingredients in this cool mixing bowl…I’d liked the colors and said, I need to get that!   I am still using the silver bowls (nothing wrong with it) but I could have some color!

Sandy was wonderful, she explained to me a couple of times, the set contains mixed co lors, even though I wanted just all green!  I purchased the set and a couple of spatulas! Woo Hoo!

Well if interested, go to the Williams & Sonoma website, under Store Events, then Resources and see what complimentary technique classes may be offered at a WS store near you!


Give them a call and register!  This is a great alternative to sitting home and watching the TV trying to catch every word!

Letia 🙂

I did have pictures of the class, but deleted it accidentally from my too many buttons camera!

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