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NARS Giveaway Winner!!!! Congratulations!!!

3 Aug

Congratulations to the following contestant for entering the NARS giveaway!

There will another giveaway during the Holiday Season!

Thanks everyone for entering, it was really, really a lot of fun!

Thanks, Letia 🙂

Random Picker draw winners for contests, giveaways, raffles or lotteries, the protocol was utilized for the NARS Giveaway.


NARS Palm Beach Bronzer! Try a Charlize Theron Bronze Effect & More!

30 May

Yes, I’ve been on the planet and YES, I’d heard of NARS, however for some reason I’ve never tried their products.  Until attending the MakeUp Show NYC with my daughter a couple of weeks ago.

My daughter, Camille works for a French based company which provides the latest nutrients and formulas for many of the top cosmetic firms; so she is very familiar with their products …..NARS Cosmetics has been proven to be the best!

I just love a bronze effect and have tried many products to get that glow look!

I thought I was achieving the look, until I was introduced to NARS at the Makeup Show NYC.

First let me say, the representatives were absolutely professional and very helpful; in particular this wonderful gentlemen named Arthur Boston, NARS National Makeup Stylist.

Amongst all the mayhem of music pumping, crowds, lines for a day’s end and not to mention the high energy level of excitement – he took the time to really help us both with the products we were looking for.   This is when he suggested that I try their bronzer!

Let me say, I am in love, love with it!  The shade selected is Palm Beach!  I know, I know, you are probably saying “Where have you been!”   But I am so amazed with the results.   By the time we finished with Arthur, we had purchased new concealers, blushes and when they did n’t have a particular product at the show, he suggested we go to the NARS Flagship Boutique on Bleeker St!  He pulled out his phone, brought up Google maps and showed us which way to walk!  Did we go? We sure did!  We walked right from 18th Street (413 Bleecker Street!) with our Starbucks green tea with lemonade; so that just lets you know Arthur was wonderful!

OK, now back to the bronzers, they can be worn not only in the summer, however in the winter too!   There are many shades to choose from, if you looking to have a dewy look, a distinct glow or just a sutle touch of shimmer.  Whatever your preference, NARS has the shade for your skin tone, there are 14 shades!

Yes, bronzers have been around and there are some good ones, but I must now say that the NARS bronzer is my absolute favorite!  LOVE IT.   This summer I will be using this for my face and for my body, Urban Decay’s Coco (see my Favorites Things section).

Iman wears bronzer all the time!  Now her makeup line has nice ones too! Iman, The Bronze Effect

While Charlize Theron, as beautiful as she is, the bronzer makes her look simply captivating!

So if you are looking for a bronzer, my recommendation would be to please try the NARS brand.

Now speaking of Charlize Theron, in her pictures you can see how the bronzer is a must and should be part of your makeup wardrobe.   And for those who are still saying, Wow!  It’s never too late to try something new…even me, Letia Come Lately!  LOL   🙂

Here’s me with the NARS Palm Beach bronzer, I’m in between shots, talking as usual!  Did I say I love it!  I turned to the side, so you can see the shimmer in the light!  Then the last shot, to see how the bronzer photos in the right lighting!

Ok, I’m out of here, if you have some pictures you would like to share….well I would love to see your bronzer results!  🙂  I’ve place some tutorials from my favorite gurus from YouTube!

Letia 🙂

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 P.S…. Send a BIG congratulations to Charlize, she is recently a new mother and her new movie is being featured this weekend, Snow White and the Huntsman with Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth.  I’ve placed the trailer for you to see, it comes out this Friday!

Coach & Vogue Holiday Fashion Event in NYC with Leandra Medine!

16 Dec

It’s the holiday!  And so many things to do!

But when you get an invite to an event!  You go, right?

Especially if it is a Coach event in NYC, during the holiday AND one of your idle #1 fashion blogger, Leandra Medine of the Man Repeller is going to be there!

On a crisp Wednesday night, Vogue Magazine and the Coach flagship store on 57th & Madison held a fashion event, offering invited guests to partake in flowing champagne, the most delicious holiday sweets <served by handsome waiters with Coach leather aprons!> and access to all Coach’s entire ensemble.

The DJ was pumping all the latest music hits and the staff was ready to handle all your needs!

Vogue Magazine’s Public Relations staff were on hand to talk about the November’s issue with Charlize Theron and how wonderful  to see everyone at this event.

Leandra Medine & Letia Mitchell

Leandra Medine & Letia Mitchell

So let’s talk about Leandra Medine!  It’s my second time meeting her, she is one reason I keep plugging at it on my blog.  I always remember her saying to me “Just enjoy what you are doing!”.

Leandra, this young, smart and beautiful lady is simply awesome, her blog the Man Repeller gets about 50,000 page views daily, resulting in 1.5 million page views a month!!!!  1.5!!!!!!

The Man Repeller blog is all about FASHION!  Bringing to her readers the latest fashion trends with a funny and spunky attitude.  You can’t help tuning in daily.

Honing on clothes that are sassy and gives anyone the approval to wear whatever they want, because simply you can!  And the SHOES! You got to see the shoes displayed! So it would be a no brainer to have Leandra  give her opinion on latest holiday gift trends for this exciting Coach and Vogue collaboration!

When you get a moment, please check out her blog site www.manrepeller.com


At the event all of Coach’s collection were at hand, each guest received a complimentary Coach hand tag monogrammed with their initials, the latest Vogue Magazine issue and personal assistant services for their individual purchases!  Sabrina of Coach’s Public Relations, said “A great night isn’t it!”

Coach Beautiful Hand Tags

Now, you too can also be part of the fun, Coach is having a Holiday Sweepstakes!

One Grand Prize Winner will receive a trip for two to New York City which includes a tour and lunch at the Vogue offices, a visit to the Coach archives, and a $2,500 shopping spree at a Coach boutique.

Two Second Prize Winners will receive a $1,000 Coach shopping spree with a Vogue Market Stylist.

Ten Third Prize Winners will receive a Coach handbag.

If you would like to enter, it ends on January 6th!  No purchase necessary, however read the restrictions; Click here.

Want to have some fun? Just a little..come on!  For a limited time, try making your animation of the hand tags or see the ideas of others, click here!

Happy Holidays!!!!!!

P.S.  Congratulations Leandra 😉

Letia 🙂
Vogue issue & invitation by Conde Nast.  Coach Hand Tags by Coach.
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