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Make Your Own Scary Face for Halloween! Boooooo!

14 Oct

Happy Halloween!

Can’t decide on a costume for Halloween or you want to create your own style????  I’m still debating!  🙂

Here’s a great YouTube video on how to make your face for Halloween.  It does not have to be a sugar skull, you can use the same steps to be a Geisha girl, a ghost, an angel or Frankenstein… anything you can think of!!! 

This would be such great fun for the kids, to make their own face and see what they come out with!  Be creative!!!  

Have a safe Halloween and enjoy that candy corn!!!!!!   Oh, if you are in the New York area this month, visit  Sleepy Hollow.  See  “What Ya Doing for Halloween?” for information on what’s going on there and a great MUMMY cookie recipe!

Hey, if you ever want to know about any other products or makeup ideas, Makeupgeek is one of my stops to find out about practically everything! 


Letia 🙂

YouTube Video by MakeUpGeekTV, www.makeupgeek.com  For your party checklist :http://www.halloween-online.com/party/halloween-party-planning-check-list.html

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