Apple Watching! The Apple Watch!

24 Apr

The Apple Watch is making news!  iPad, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, iPad Air, iPad mini…it’s all in the family!

The watch is in many styles and just in time <no pun intended >, to make you think you have to have one!

No matter if you get one or just say not for me; you have to give it to Apple…they are always pushing to be innovative for sure!


Will I be getting one?

Let’s say I’m have all the Apple Rockettes and I am still learning features on my iPhone!

Learn more about the Apple watch, go to

I have also providing two YouTube videos which were helpful for me in learning a little bit more about this Smart watch.

I hope it is helpful in that decision on whether you are ready to purchase one!  🙂

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design



Letia 🙂


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