Happy Father’s Day! “I’m A Daddy” Inspired by Pharell’s “I’m Happy!”

1 Jun
Happy Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day


Happy Father’s Day will be soon here in a week or so and how wonderful this video made me feel to honor men – who are Fathers!

Pharell’s “I’m Happy” was the music which inspired dj LV to write the lyrics and do just that!

There are great Dads, father nurturers and you’re not my Dad- but you step in just like a Dad out there!

dj LV wanted to share this video:

Out of ALL the things I’ve done in my career (which is a lot)…this has been the most meaningful…Dads deserve more credit than they get. This was my way of saluting all the Good Dads out there. I’m dj LV, and I approve these Dads…Cool Dads Rock”

To all Dads…have a wonderful Happy Father’s Day!

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & DesignLetia 🙂

YouTube video by iknowdjlv, writer, producer and DJ.  Original song “I’m Happy” written and owned by the artist and producer Pharell.


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