My Recent Best Moment, What’s Yours?

25 Apr

Letia Mitchell


It’s sharing time!

I’d recently had the opportunity to be challenged about how I truly feel!

Do you ignore or just say… we go? And say it!

It’s was a commitment that I had to agree to accept both outcomes, the one you want and the one you definitely don’t want!


Putting understanding on the forefront that YOU are NOT in control, say it and just be still and await the outcome!

Instead of worrying about what it will be or not be, I’d figured out this is the perfect time for me! That I’m able to ask myself the hard questions and be totally fine with ME!

I’d ended up laughing! Everything has a divine order and what’s for me … You know the saying!

I said “Wow, what a wonderful moment….you are not perfect…but you’re just right! You can be honest with yourself and be proud of it!”

All smiles since then! 🙂

If you would like to share your best moment, that Ahhhhh Ha moment….please comment!




Photo by Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design ®

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