Lucille Ball, I Love Lucy on a Snowy Day!

3 Feb

lucille tumblerAnyone who knows me, knows that I love Lucille Ball!   She was such an intricate part of my life.   See Lucille and I became acquainted when I was a little girl, where she actually babysitted me!  LOL!!  Really, I was totally fascinated with her! My mother Gilda, would turn on the TV to watch the  reruns of the “I Love Lucy” show; where I was able to be entertained and laugh for 1/2 hr.

Of course the cast was adults, but the things that would get themselves into was absolutely crazy. Pure comedy and tear jerking fun!  Did you know, that “I Love Lucy” aired from 1951-57, and featured Ball and Arnaz as Lucy and Ricky Ricardo; the couple were married for 20 years and owned a production company, Desilu Productions, together. The series currently shows in reruns on TV Land and brings in 20 million dollars annually to CBS Studios. SYNDICATION at it’s best!

Since I grew up with her, it didn’t stop there, in the 70’s she would have her own shows “Here’s Lucy” and “The Lucy Show” and do cameo appearances in movies.  Until this day, I simply love her in the musical movie called Mame; where she starred effortlessly!  I still sing the chorus line from time to time!

Lucille Ball was a beautiful woman and very smart.  I was always memorized by her fashion sense and looking back today on her style; well it was extraordinary.

There are many books on her life, contributions and accomplishments.

So, I was thinking, I’m here on a snowy day….why don’t I watch some of the I Love Lucy shows and one my favorites plays!

I’d played it 4 x already (clip below)!  Not thinking about snow anymore! 🙂

I love you Lucille Esmeralda McGillicuddy!!!!!  Now next episode!

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design Letia 🙂

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