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Tasty Treats…Like a Chanel Bag!

5 Jan

What we love is sweets and often choose our favorite things to be represented in a flavorful form like a cake, cupcakes ……..for instance our favorite Chanel® bag!

So look at these treats, I too am in love with Chanel® and thought it was simply divine to share with no calories!  None!  And the camellia flower is detailed so beautiful!  This photo was Photo of the Day on Instagram!   Being creative is just wonderful and chic!


Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design  Letia 🙂

Photo courtesy of  Katrina Taylor “Trina” via Instagram (trinarockstarr), Photo of the Day.   Please note, the Chanel and double-C trademarks were awarded on the same date of 24 February 1925.

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