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Tropical Feel Style Decor – Why Not!

2 Jan

Yesterday while speaking to one of the guests at a party I was attending, Karen indicated that she had finally decided to have a mature apartment!  Gone are her college days mentally and now wants to have place which still says her, but more mature!

She said that she went to a store the other day; where she was completely lost; she wants a tropical feel  <loves the style; since taking a trip this past summer> – but not so that it commands the room!

When thinking of tropical, I think of linen, cool color palette, leafy plants and touches of wicker in retrospect.   So I’ve looked at various photos and sent her a couple of photos for some ideas!


I told her the photos could be used as a guide!   Slipcovers for her sofa if she didn’t want to buy a new sofa, change of her color palette on the walls, plants and some cool accessories for the room, could give her the room she wants.

Her budget is modest, so I’d pointed to my go to website, by typing the word ‘tropical’ in the search engine, a lot of nice items will be returned!

I received a reply note on this wintery morning, with a lot of THANK YOU’s!  I think now she is on the right track!  Isn’t it wonderful to be thinking tropical in the winter months!  To have this feel all year round is a such a great idea.

You know my motto, Enjoy your space …Enjoy your Life! 🙂

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design Letia 🙂

Photos courtesy of Houzz! 

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