Are you Missing China Pieces, Stemware or Silverware for Your Holiday Place Setting?

6 Nov

As we are approaching the holidays, we begin thinking about all the prep work needed for our upcoming gatherings and dinners!  This is where in the back of your mind, you say I’m still missing a place setting, a plate or some item that you wish you had!  It may not be noticeable to others at your table, but you know!

Sometimes it’s really not that important, but for some of us it does matter.  Where we may go out and buy new dinnerware because of it! A few years back, in transit of my late mother’s beautiful China, a plate and two tea cups were damaged.

Like many of you, I too had guests over and it was asked if I had tea – I would always say no….but I have coffee!  For I have an abundance of coffee mugs! <smile> Now, if it was just a plain old day, the coffee mug could be used but when you invite people over; its something about the proper way….its important! A few years ago, I did replace the missing pieces and I just remembered that I must share this information with my readers.  Replacements LTD; they specialized in China, crystal and silverware.

What you would do is determine the pattern of your pieces and give Replacements LTD a call.  They can see if they have the pattern and provide an inventory list with prices. If they don’t have your item, you can be also placed on their contact list, as their inventory is replenished – they can tell you when a pattern is available or that specific item.

I’m currently on their list for three Waterford Bar glasses.  I just recently received an e-mail for other items in the Waterford Giselle collection, the bar glasses were not listed! But I’m hopeful!!!  Replacements LTD is located in lovely Greensboro, NC and the staff is very helpful:  Their website is

I hope this information was helpful!

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Replacements LTD was founded by Bob Page in 1981 and  has a wide range of gorgeous products and special sale items and a museum that features over 2,000 rare tableware pieces.

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design Letia 🙂

Lomonosov Tea set photo; is a beautiful vintage item from the 1920’s of old Russian design.  Made of China with gold plate trimming.  Origin, Amsterdam – Netherlands.   Manufactered in St. Petersburg.  There is a 6 pc. setting available and is sold by PlanetNathalie2 via ($$$).

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