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Elie Tahari, Designs for All Women!

3 Oct

Where was this post?  Lost in the mayhem, but it still has to be shared!

One of my favorite designers is Elie Tahari! Simply because he doesn’t ever compromise style and workmanship for his garments.  He designs for the woman in mind!  Elie Tahari Woman is for plus-size woman and it is the same, I said identical to the women’s collection!  Nothing spared.

When this designer choose material for his design, all things are considered. The type of fabric, is there a pattern, how can that pattern be sewn seamlessly as a piece of art and how is the person going to feel wearing the design.  This is Elie Tahari!

He takes everything in consideration.  In my closet, there are about 15-30 dresses designed by Elie Tahari, they are timeless.  I am a plus-size and when wearing his designs, I feel so wonderful knowing that my dress has been made with the same commitment as the dress made in a smaller size!

Tahari Woman Janine Cotton Sheath Dress

The dresses are all beautiful, however I must say that I marvel over the linings of each dress.  Made so perfectly, you want to wear the dress inside out, because it’s so beautifully made.  He always, always thinks of the woman!  Perhaps there is a wind, that hint of color from the lining will be shown.  If it is, a pop of color purposely!

Then there is the addition of a colorful ribbon.  You will often see me in a sheath dress, however a Tahari sheath dress is extra special.  The added detail of colorful ribbon along the zipper gives that added flavor when you walk away!   Or it could be the ribbon tied around the waist, where you may say it’s not needed until you put it on, tie and make a bow…it’s then a Wow!

The next time you see a Tahari item, take a few moments to look at the workmanship!  You will see that purposely each detail was thought of!!!

“For the woman who wears my clothes, I ask myself: Where is she going? Is she the best-looking woman in the room? Or is she showing off? Is the shape good on her? Does it look new and cool and fresh? Is it going to fit well? And that’s just the start. But to feel good about what you’re doing, you have to always be having these conversations with yourself.”

Elie Tahari 40 Years Designing – Elie Tahari Day in NYC

This year Tahari celebrates the 40th anniversary of his label!  I am so excited for him, I feel he designs just for me!  He is one designer who makes a woman feel special, no matter her size!  He should be commended on that!

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design Letia 🙂

Elie Tahari’s woman’s line is offered in plus sizes (14 – 24) which can be found at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s in store and on-line.  For regular sizes,  The same designs are available in each genre.  There are beautiful!  Always look at and Shopsugar for mark downs too! 

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