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Eleni’s…Taking the Sugar Cookie Beyond Imagination!

10 Jul

Eleni's Cookie Tag It’s so ironic that Sugar Cookie Day is on July 9th that I am writing this post!  Who loves sugar cookies?  Well I sure do!  Shopping downtown recently in the Chelsea area NYC, bidding time to spend before a dinner reservation set at 5:30 PM; a suggestion was to go to the Chelsea Market; a block away! It was extremely hot and an air-conditioned place was the way to go!   Upon entering, I noticed this big beautiful sign with the insignia of Eleni’s.  So I walked in and immediately reverted to being about 7 years old – for the place was filled with sugar cookies!  Not just any sugar cookies, ones with shapes and designs that only one could imagine and beyond! It was so busy that I could definitely understand the frenzy!  The store’s colors were pink and white, adorn with colors of the rainbow all over!  There were sugar cookie designs of beach balls, lobsters, crabs, bride/groom for wedding favors, flip-flops, rainbows, hats….you name it; it was sugar cookie! Eleni's Flagship Store  Chelsea Market I’d searched the entire store, looking for something that I could bring  home and love too!  Moving to the front counter, there it was ….. an OWL!< I love owls>!   So Eleni’s right then and there became the best store EVER, because you really have to go beyond the imagination to do an owl sugar cookie! Not everyone is looking for one; let’s be honest it’s about 1 out 35 people! I am so unique! My Owl Sugar Cookie By Eleni's So I had good ole time of sample testing; this the kind of thing that you’ll definitely enjoy repeatedly! The cookie has a sweet and supple buttery taste! You could be happy right there with about 3 -4 sugar cookies and a cup of coffee!  And the sugar cookies are nut-free and Kosher certified. Due to I am a terrible baker, my cookies always come out gooey!  I’d got this great idea on making a gift bag with an assortment of the sugar cookies for the hosts of a party that I will be attending in August, so a return to Eleni’s will be exciting!

Eleni’s is owned by Eleni Gianopulos had a passion for baking,.  It all began with a small catering business in her apartment.  What began as a side business featuring Eleni’s mother’s famous oatmeal-raisin cookies quickly outgrew her home over and evolved into a full-fledged cookie empire.  Since 1997, Eleni’s New York has been a must-stop.

If you live in New York City, or plan to visit, you must experience the Eleni’s flagship store in Chelsea Market, or the new location on Madison Avenue, for yourself.  For cookie fanatics in other parts of the world, you can purchase these tasty treats directly from the Eleni’s website, in high-end retail locations across the US, and now on!

Eleni's Flip Flop Cookies

Eleni's Wedding Cookies

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design   Letia 🙂

Photos Courtesy of Eleni’s and Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design. 

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