There are some real …..

29 Jun

There are some real special people in the world, that make a day turn out to better, by simply having them around!  

No matter when I come into the Sephora store at my nearby mall, this young lady is always smiling and engaging with the customers!

I am always so excited to see her and she also says she’s happy to see me!

Sure I can quickly order my items online at the Sephora website, but quite honestly I wait …….because I want to see how’s she’s doing, get her opinion and let her tell me about the latest promotions!  You know, girl talk!

So I would like to introduce to you…..MY Sephora Beauty advisor, Victoria!

Victoria, if you are reading this….. I just wanted to let you know…. you are beautiful and you do such a wonderful job!   I saw these cookies and thought of you!   Thank You!!! ❤


Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design

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Letia 🙂

Sephora Logo cookies by Sugar Sanctuary; click picture for more information.  If interested in Sephora career information, please go to www.sephora.com.

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