The Brooklyn Winery! Wine Tasting Fun!

17 Jun

IMG_0260So a few weeks ago, my girlfriend suggested we hang out, for it’s been about three months since we last saw one another!

I’ve been meaning to go to a wine tasting class – however I wanted to also see what wineries were close to New York.

Low and behold, there are wineries right here in New York City, one of them is the Brooklyn Winery! Brooklyn? Yes, it’s true; I said the same thing?

Looking at their website, there were a few upcoming events on their itinerary and there was wine tasting! So a wine tasting class it was, a great thing to do together! The Brooklyn Winery is located on the north side of Williamsburg Brooklyn, where their wine is made right there on the spot!

So on a Monday night where it was raining fiercely and the anticipation was very high on seeing my girlfriend, partaking in the wine class and just having fun! So I get there and immediately notice the decor!


Beautiful Decor with Copper Tones

The decor is rustic, dark, with copper tones all around and definitely cozy.

There is an open feel; giving you the sense to relax and get in the mood to try some wine! Then I noticed my girlfriend, sitting at the bar – we were early, so it was good time to catch-up!

Brookyn Winery Wine Tasting Class

Brookyn Winery Wine Tasting Class

Before you know it, it was time to go to our wine tasting class! Ascending upstairs to a private room, we were greeted by our Sommelier; Kristina Sazama.  Kristina was very engaging and a lot of fun!  The class was full and we learned the basics of wine tasting and pair basics.   I found out that I really love wine; more than I lead on!

So you hold your wine glass at a 45 degree angle, swirl, sniff (checking to detect what your senses are telling you),  then sip!  Always do this in that order, so even though you may not understand at times what you may be doing, it will always look like you do!!!!

5 Basic Wine Characteristics

  1. Sweetness -wine is its level of sweetness. To taste sweet, focus your attention on the taste buds on the tip of your tongue. Are your taste buds tingling?–an indicator of sweetness. Believe it or not, many dry wines can have a hint of sweetness to carry a larger impression of Body. If you find a wine you like has residual sugar, you may enjoy a hint (or a lot!) of sweetness in your wine.
  2. Acidity – Tingling sensation that focuses on the front and sides of your tongue. Feels like pop rocks.
  3. Tannin -Imagine putting a used black tea bag on your tongue. A wet tea bag is practically pure tannin that is bitter and has a drying sensation. Tannin tastes herbaceous and is often described as astringent.
  4. Fruit – characterized by their main fruit flavors. Tasting for fruit flavors in a wine can help you better define your preferences. Like plum, blackberry, strawberries or raspberries.
  5. Body – Result of many factors – from wine variety, where it’s from, vintage, alcohol level and how it’s made.

IMG_0269I also found out how different foods definitely affects the way a wine tastes on your palette! So I am avoiding mushrooms and asparagus unless it has a little char on it! The class was fun and a great opportunity to try Brooklyn Winery’s wines; their very good!


Wine Barrels

Wine Barrels

The hour passed so quickly and we’d both decided to put our lesson to the test and try their featured dishes with our favorite wine, Pinot Noir – Los Carneros from the class:

Crispy Brussels Sprouts with Togarashi Spice, Orange, Sunflower Seed Brittle, and Prosciutto Chips

Fried Buttermilk Chicken Bites with Soy Glaze, Toasted Sesame Seeds, Fresh Herbs

Lamb Meatballs with Rutabaga Sauerkraut, English Pea & Mint Pureé, Topped with Micro Pea Tendrils.

IMG_0279Sweet Potato and Chickpea Falafel – with Coriander Spiced Yogurt and Sesame. (ordered it twice….it was so good!)

The staff was very accommodating, it was such a great night! So if you want to learn more about wine, be in a great atmosphere with a lot of fun, the Brooklyn Winery is an excellent choice! (BW’s calendar)

Brooklyn Winery located 213 North 8th Street Brooklyn, NY (347) 763-1506. Gives tours of the winery to learn about how their wines are produced, has a wine bar and savor artisanal wines with great seasonal menus. The winery also can be available for private event venues, such as full-service weddings with wine crafted on-site, exquisite cuisine, and the beautiful winery as a backdrop.

IMG_0263As for Kristina Sazama, has an impressive background, worked at Momofuku Ssäm Bar, Momofuku Ko, and Michael Skurnik Wines. Kristina holds the Diploma of Wine & Spirits from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust in London and is a Certified Sommelier from the Court of Master Sommeliers. So there! @thirstyredhead

The wine Tasting Class featured the following Brooklyn Winery wines: Stainless Steel Riesling, Rose of Old Vine Zinfandel, Pinot Noir – Los Carneros  and Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah Blend.

IMG_0271 Letia 🙂

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