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Angelina Jolie, Step to Fight Breast Cancer

14 May
English: Angelina Jolie at the Cannes film fes...

Angelina Jolie at the Cannes Festival

Actress Angelina Jolie announced in a New York Times op-ed article on Tuesday that she underwent a preventive double mastectomy after learning she carries a mutation of the BRCA1 gene, which sharply increases her risk of developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer.  The procedure was performed at the Pink Lotus Breast Cancer Center.

A very, very personal matter for Angelina and her family, her courageous act to make public – will give encouragement to woman and help others to partake in breast exams around the world.

In order to determine a preventative mastectomy is necessary, please take the time to begin seeing your doctor, check your health and do routine breast exams.   Wishing her the best and sending a big THANK YOU for sharing!

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