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It’s Spring! Design Your Room with InStyle & Threshold!

11 May


When designing I see things visually different when looking at a room!  I look at the scale of a room, how many windows are there, the floor type and how many entry doors; etc.

Then, once I’ve got the information, I talk to my client to get their ideas!  Colors, textures, styles and even their no-no’s!

Wouldn’t you love the opportunity to give it a try?  Try?  Doing it yourself, designing a room with your ideas!

InStyle Magazine has just sent me a wonderful app to do just that!  Design a Moonboard or decorate a space for Spring!

  • It can be your dream room or it could be a vision of a room right in your home!
  • You can upload your own room pictures!
  • Do some shopping – there are items which are available for purchase from Threshold too!
  • Even use your design as a hint to say “I love this” to you know who, by just downloading the picture!

Whatever you decide, just have some FUN!  Yes, you are going to be a designer!!!!   When you are finished, why don’t you post  your design on Tweeter, Facebook and Pinterest !  I would love to see your ideas too!  🙂



Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design  Letia 🙂

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