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Clo-Vee Products! A Must in the Overnight Bag!

5 May

clo-veeThe world’s largest economy sank into a recession in March 2001, ending 10 years of growth that was the longest expansion on record in the United States. Companies downsized and leaving people wondering “What now?”

Hmmmm…how about going back to college, having an interest in chemistry and studying it!

Then you graduate from the college and then go back into the work force! Not just any ordinary positions, but different positions like working at a personal care laboratory. Then changing and working at a well-known fragrance company! You see where this is going! Taking all that knowledge to form Clo-vee.

Clo-vee Products is the baby of Bernadette Simmons! She is the creator and owner; putting quality at the top! The products under this label gear towards natural, organic bath and body products.

She’s cultivated the product and it’s popularity is all to her credit, since it’s introduction six years ago.

Bernadette Simmon’s passion is to promote skin wellness through her chemically free bath and body products; for ALL skin types!!!

My favorite?

CocoPear Exfoliating Body Wash!!!

This is the go-to body wash when you need a pick me up! Imagine having the smell of a ripen pear, some vanilla and some coconut – all in one and not too powerful. It smells wonderfully!

You can do like I do, I pop it right in my bag; when I am doing an overnighter! Sometimes hotels have harsh hard water; so I know if I have the CocPear body wash; my skin will be just fine! Smelling great too with Clo-vee’s shea butter candle; also to add in the room!

For more information and to see the entire product line: CLO-VEE.

So if you have something you really love to do, know that every stair step is needed to get you to that goal!

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & DesignLetia 🙂

Photos by Clo-vee Products. My Atenti overnighter bag; however if interested, it is sold by Please monitor your candles, do not leave them unattended!

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