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Urban Decay 24 / 7 Eyeliner!

23 Apr

Okay! This time this is my favorite!! My greatest choice! The eyeliner that I love is Urban Decay 24/7 waterproof eyeliner!

It goes on smooth, like it has destination and after you let it dry it has this nice not too glossy sheen, which I just absolutely love!

I get it in black, it’s called Perversion! There’s other colors but this is by far my favorite!

Cat eye, Cleopatra look or a very thin to very wide; it wont disappoint you!  The brush is super thin and the wand is quite long!  Great for designing your eyes!

So when you get a chance go to website and see the other colors; plus more to make your eyes just gorgeousssss!

Here are some great looks!   Which one is your favorite?


Saving Money on Your Project! Think about DIY!

23 Apr

Do It Yourself

Sometimes the budget just doesn’t allow you to buy that bathroom fixture! The fixture that where you had torn the picture right of a magazine and have literally been obsessing over; for about four months now.

You’ve actually have fallen madly in love with the fixture, dreaming how it would look in your needed bathroom renovation.

AND you’ve found out that you need tile! A lot of it! Remembering square footage means more! This was Delia’s story!

Don’t fret! It’s all about saving! There are alternatives! Did you know, you can buy home improvement supplies from specialty online retailers?

Instead of paying top price at a national chain store – shave up to 50%off of fixtures and more at sites such as:

My favorite is

Then go to for giving it a try to do it yourself. A step-by-step instructions on projects at your fingertips! You will be surprised how the dollars in savings add up!

Oh! Don’t forget HGTV too!

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