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Julianne Hough, SoleSociety®, Shoes & Me!

11 Feb
Julianne's picks at SoleSociety®

Julianne’s picks at Sole Society®

What do you do when you get an offer to try shoes with discount?

What do you do when you find out that one of my favorite actresses is the one giving her picks about the shoes and fashion?  Just lets me know!    Who? Julianne Hough!

So we are talking about shoes, with a discount offer, the beautiful Julianne Hough and SoleSociety® ‘s website at my finger tips!  Hah!!!!  Talk about Wow!

At a preview party held earlier this week in Los Angeles, she announced her SoleSociety shoe collection!!!

Juilanne Hough/SoleSociety Preview Party - J Sciulli @Getty Images

Juilanne Hough/SoleSociety Preview Party – J Sciulli @Getty Images

This 24-year-old actress designed a collection of shoes for SoleSociety®, which are also sold at Nordstrom stores.  The collection will include about 5-6 different styles each month for the next six months.  SIX MONTHS!

So, if Julianne is giving advice and it’s about shoes, I headed right to!   Absolutely love her, love her style, now love SoleSociety and always LOVE SHOES!

Photo Shoot for  SoleSociety®

Photo Shoot for SoleSociety®


Julianne Hough is the TWO time champion of Dancing with the Stars, a country singer (Academy of Country Music – New Artist winner), loved her in the remake  of Paramount’s Footloose and can’t wait to see her in the upcoming Nicholas Sparks movie, Safe Haven  premiering today (2/11)!   And YES, Julianne Hough has been dating Ryan Seacrest since April 2010 people!

Now the website not only displays the shoes very clearly; however the bonus – is that for each of your shoe selections, a palette of creative fashion items are displayed in a casual way or a dressy way!  This is wonderful to give you, the viewer options to quickly picture yourself in the styles portrayed.  The Style Tips definitely helped me with my selection!   SOLE SOCIETY

When you have a moment, on the SoleSociety® website’s ABOUT US section ; see how Brett Markinson, CEO and Founder of SoleSociety and his team are able to bring such beautiful and well-made shoes to the you, at such a great price!

Now for the shoes I’d picked based on Julianne’s advice, Rory!  Plus another pair named Dahlia!

Dear Julianne;   Thank You… I will be back! XXOOO

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design

Letia 🙂

Photos from’s website, Preview Party photos by J. Sciulli, Getty Images  and all items purchased by Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design LLC.

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