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Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newton Conn. Tragedy* – Condolences and Prayers

15 Dec

Liturgy for the families and community of Newton, CT

There is the sound of a siren in the distance that has made me awaken from my sleep this Saturday morning at 7 AM.  This morning I have awoken thinking for some reason what has happened is a dream?  Normally I would think it’s just an ambulance rushing to help someone who is sick or a mother now in labor.  For here in Danbury where I live, two towns over from Newton which is also a close-knit town!  Yet, this morning this is not what I am thinking!

I am still shaken of the aftermath of the horrific tragedy in Newton; everyone is!

How yesterday, everyone was in a daze and in tears trying to comprehend what has happened. How I-84 East is usually a traffic nightmare coming home, but yet it was different – there was no rushing, because the town of Newton, Conn. was being passed.  How I was calling each of my friend’s families trying to find out were their children all right, because their children did go to Newton for schooling, however not at the Sandy Hook Elementary school!  How this time of year is the best time for the children and we lost them all from a senseless act!  I am thinking how in the world possibly are these parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, cousins and friends going to make it! How?

School is no longer a safe haven and here parents with their children really have to think differently.  We have to endure bullying in the back of our mind and now this.  This!  It’s so sad how we must adapt, but it looks like we have absolutely no choice.

The country needs gun control and it should be a topic.  There is no reason why a suburban teacher would need the type of guns (3) she had licensed, maybe one and definitely not an automatic rifle!  With the mere fact; the killer had even more than originally reported  …is simply OUTRAGEOUS!  And second if you know your son has mental issues – where he has threaten his family and people outwardly; then it’s the parent’s responsibility to make sure society is safe by getting help and placing the child in a place where he is no harm to himself and to anyone.

And  lastly – parents please have some courage!!!  Have the courage to speak up; if something does not seem right…SPEAK UP and call the authorities.

I commend the mother who reported her son three weeks ago to police after he amassed what she feared were weapons (he purchased two assault rifles and 400 rounds of ammunition) to attack a southwest Missouri movie theater during a “Twilight” showing, something wrong when said he had recently asked her if he was a failure.

We as parents are here to protect our children and so want them to do well – however we also have the responsibility too to also protect others! Accept the fact that there is something wrong and your son/daughter is possibly a troubled threat to society!

I know it’s hard to do, but if we do this, then just maybe…..maybe we would not have a tragedy such as this……. at a elementary school where Kindergarten to 4th grade children are massacred less than two weeks before Christmas and becomes a statistic to be the nation’s second-deadliest school shooting, exceeded only by the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you, I am keeping the families and the town community in my thoughts and prayers!  Praying for comfort and strength for each day ahead!!!  God Bless those teachers,their our heroes!

A child always remembers their childhood and this should never, never be a memory.

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* These opinions are soley by Letia Mitchell.

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