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Working! How About a Coffee Break?

17 Oct

Now we often get a cup of coffee on the way to work, have it when we have breakfast or at night after our dinner! 

Some coffee connoisseurs have it all throughout the day!    If you don’t happen to do this, why not try taking a break with a cup of coffee.

This afternoon I did!  I took the time to get a cup of coffee and turn the laptop completely off!  Just by doing that, I was able to take a nice breather and really enjoy my cup of coffee with one of my favorite creamers, Creme brulee with a pinch of cinnamon!   No phone, no newspaper or no magazine with it at all!  Sometimes, we just need to take a few moments…1 cup of coffee equals about 8 -10 well deserved minutes!

When finished, I was able to resume work with a caffeine jolt and be quite pleasant! 

Of course you are busy, aren’t we all?  Just a suggestion….give it a try! Now for me… back to work!  🙂

 Be well, Letia  🙂

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