Tracy Reese – A Lovely Chameleon

5 Sep



I have repost this, based on Michelle Obama’s dress worn at the Democratic Campaign last night, here is information about the designer, Tracy Reese last year!

Tracy Reese New York®’s runway show will be this Monday, September 13 at 1 PM (Lincoln’s Center’s Studio), during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. To learn more about her, I have attached her bio from Tracy Reese TV. What you find is a beautiful and smart woman who has designed clothes not only for the woman in mind, but making sure her ideas are bright and have a never-ending appeal to the buyer.

Looking at her designs, you can see how she is a lovely chameleon leaving you saying….yes I can put pieces together which show absolutely wonderful! Tracy provides inspiration, beauty and foremost there is so much tenacity in her work.

I am looking forward to seeing her 2011 Spring collection next week (Frock and Plenty). Let’s see; if she has given you some ideas for taking the items in your wardrobe and making them work. More info at Enjoy the video!

Here is her 2011 Spring Collection below..the show was awesome! The glasses <;;I want them!>;;, the hats, the clothes are so stylish!

For more of your designers, please go to You Tube®, MBFWeek to see your favorites!!!!

Be well – Letia 🙂

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