What’s Your Most Embarrassing Moment?

16 Aug

You can tell me! First let me tell you mine! My AC went on the outs! Kaput! Done! Which left me to wait until a unit was available to schedule to install (replacing the cube condenser unit..like my lingo)!

So here I am reverting back to the old days and using a box fan in the window. During the day, it was very humid, in the 90’s and the evenings were not that bad… the air-cooled down a bit.

So I have experienced a lot of thunderstorms and the other evening, the lighting was really bad.   However dosing in and out of my sleep, I heard a plane and was fearful that the plane would not land safely at the nearby airport.  Jumped out of bed, closed all the windows, then I did not hear the plane anymore, so it must have landed safely!

So the HVAC installer was here today and I am telling him how happy I am about the AC unit is finally here and begin to telling  him the story about the thunderstorms, humid nights and the plane.    And as I am telling him the story, I realizing THERE WAS NO PLANE!  There was NOOOOOO PLANE!

It was the freaking humming of the box fan in the window (it does sound like a propeller, it does!)  I said OMG, I was really under heat and sleep deprivation, for I must have been in and out to think my box was a PLANE!

Embarrassing, the HVAC installer kept laughing <hysterically> and promised not to use my name when telling the story.  So before it gets out, let me tell you first!   EMBARRASSING!  10x 🙂

Keeping cool,

Letia 🙂

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