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Oprah’s Lifeclass with Tony Robbins! Biggest Classroom in NYC, Radio City Musical Hall!

3 Apr

Press releases and small talk about OWN Network, not favorable!  What is?  When you are building a network, you are bound to have setbacks and mistakes.  However, Ms.  Winfrey – practices what she preaches… learn from the mistakes and make changes!

However, there is one thing that hasn’t change – is her wish to make the world better.  To teach and let people know that you can grow and still make the effort to change.  I always say that change is good; it puts you in a place that is uncomfortable and forces you to do things differently!

Last year, Oprah Winfrey introduced her Lifeclass Series on her network, OWN; sharing her ideas and thoughts of the things she has learned during producing  the Oprah Winfrey Show!

As if that wasn’t enough, she is taking her teaching on tour!!  Taking her talented and inspirational friends to show us in a personal way that it can happen….CHANGE!  I wanted to be part of it!

I was granted the greatest opportunity to attend!!!!

It was such a very exciting week in NYC,  Figure Skating in Harlem was honoring Vera Wang at the Wollman Rink in Central Park, along with Rhonda Ross and Ellen Lowey – where  Diana Ross was in town to celebrate with her daughter.

Then you have Oprah at CBS Studios, guest on the CBS Morning show with Erica Hill, Charlie Rose and her dearest friend Gayle King  – promoting her Lifeclass event being held at NYC’s Radio City Music Hall and discussing her team’s new strategy for OWN Network.  Here I was back and forth, each minute as important as the minute that passed, I was coordinating the finalization of a job; which went from a 3 hour job that turned into 6 hours!  Let’s say you would think I was cloned, but I was able to get everything done (the check ins, will calls and authorizations).  SUPERWOMAN!!!

There were two classes to be held at Radio City Music Hall!

I choose the evening class!  Tony Robbins was the guest speaker for the evening class and let’s say the evening was intense; like a rock concert full of excitement!   Mr. Tony Robbins equals INTENSITY.

Let’s say if you were coming to class, with pen and paper to take notes…it was not that kind of class!   Jumping, laughing, yelling was being done……a complete wake up session.   Oprah also was very enthusiastic and so helpful in getting you to know whatever you are afraid of it, you can definitely overcome to achieve.

“The past does not equal the future, unless you live there!”

To watch the live stream for the event, you can click this url: Oprah’s Live Class with Tony Robbins.

By all means, you don’t have to miss out on the classes, there are more scheduled throughout the year , just log on to for listings and if you want more of Mr. Intensity Tony Robbins, he has a new show on the OWN Network!

Well my adrenalin never subsided; here I was around 1 am in the morning near 42nd Street and who could n’t ignore acting like a tourist!  With a quick bite to eat, getting M&Ms at their signature store and me chanting YES, YES , YES and YES among a bunch of strangers;  I would say that I had an awesome evening!

Thanks Oprah!!!!

 Letia 🙂

Photos courtesy of Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design®

NYC’s Architectural Digest Home Show 2012!

3 Apr

Domoore Designs

Well, it’s came so fast and now it’s over!  I waited anxiously!  Each year for the ArchDigest Home Show!  Crowded?  Yes! People excited? Yes! The expectancy was fulfilled admirably, we had so much fun!  My daughter, Camille, family friend Roger (who is also my creative designer) and I had a ball!!!!!

Looking for the latest secret finds, new creative ideas and meeting wonderful people!  Designers, vendors and businesses from all over came to this one location on the Pier 94, next to the Intrepid!

The best surprise, was putting a full fledge bar in the middle of all!  So … we all decided to have a cocktail! After that, everything looked extra special and let’s say my mood was taken up a notch  on the happy scale!

DIFFA!   The dining was superb….my favorite The Interior Design house for all past celebrities, we loved the best!

Remember, your space can be anything that you want!  ANYTHING!  Enjoy the pictures!

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Letia 😉

Photos by Letia Mitchell LifeStyle and Design®  Elizabeth Taylor Chair design by

My Day at ABC’s The Chew and Gordon Elliott!!!!!

3 Apr

As you know, I have attended a lot of  television shows trying to bring everyone an inside take on what it’s like; one in particular is The Chew!   Loving food, I wanted to know how another cooking show would fare the way to daytime TV.  So I asked a couple of my dearest friends to attend a live broadcast of the show with me on a sunny and brisk day – where we had to be at the studio at 7 am!  Everyone was on time and here we were in the waiting area, waiting to be seated!   Of course, I was engaging with a few other audience members; getting their take on why they were at the show!

As you know, every show has a comedian to help welcome the audience members and show how entertainment is on the arise by including them on the jokes; giving them queues when to make their experience a success while attending the show.

My friends and I were part of the comedy, referred to as Destiny’s child while the spotlight was honed on us when being shown to our seats, the audience was very amused at our expense.  🙂

While waiting to seat, over the PA I hear this voice in a British accent, saying Welcome everyone.    Saying to myself, his voice sounds so familiar!   Listening again, I noticed a tall man talking to a member of the crew and said to “OMG!!!   GORDON ELLIOTT?” in a loud and exciting voice!

Standing about 6’5″, handsome with blond hair with hints of grey, he replied “OMG! Yes it’s me and do I know you?”, mimicking my voice!   I said “OMG, I remember you going to work and waking people up in the morning when you were at “Good Day New York!  In the morning you used to stop by and get a cup of coffee at the same place as I did, our work schedules were kind of the same!!”   We laughed and he gave me the puzzled look – that he didn’t remember me.  But then he reassured me that he did!

So the show is produced by Gordon Elliotts Chew Productions for the ABC Television Network.   So here is some background information about Gordon Elliot!

Gordon Elliott (born 30 September 1956) is a British-born Australian journalist and producer. He is the executive producer of ABC’s daytime program The Chew, but is probably better known for his 1990s TV talk show program, The Gordon Elliott Show.

Born in Everton, Liverpool, England, in the United Kingdom but grew up in Lewisham, Australia. Gordon was educated at Christian Brothers’ High School, Lewisham and attended the University of Sydney for a law degree. While studying as a Sydney student, Elliott worked part time on a radio show and ended up on Good Morning Australia (breakfast TV).

After several jobs hosting morning news programs and landing work as the feature reporter on the Fox Television show A Current Affair (produced by New York’s WNYW) in 1987, Elliott appeared as the house-entering feature reporter on WNYW’s morning news program Good Day New York.

In the 1990s you may have seen him hosting game and talk shows, including The Gordon Elliott Show from 1994–1997. In 1990, Elliott also hosted To Tell the Truth for two months before being replaced by Lynn Swann. In 2000, he hosted It’s Your Chance of a Lifetime.

Viewers were awaiting what show would be placed in the time slot, where All My Children was the staple.  When announced, it was the most anticipated daytime show ever!   The show’s co-hosts are worldly known and if you are a foodie, then there’s a touch fun and great learning ahead!  So here comes “The Chew“!

The co-hosts are:

Carla Hall, best known as a competitor on Bravo’s Top Chef, where she won over audiences with her fun catch phrase “Hootie Hoo” and philosophy to always cook with LOVE!!!

Mario Batali, Mario Batali and his business partner Joe Bastianich own 17 restaurants across the country, including their flagship New York City restaurant Babbo, as well as two restaurants in Los Angeles and three in Las Vegas. In the summer of 2010, they opened Eataly, the largest Italian artisanal food marketplace in the world.

However, my favourite of his restaurants, is the Tarry Lodge Pizzeria in Westport, CT!  Having a divine glass of red wine and thee Guanciale, Black Truffles and Sunny Side Egg pizza! HEAVAAAAAN!  I’ll do a post on this later!

Michael Symon, funny and lovable is best known as a star of the popular Food Network series Iron Chef America, where he cooks with soul, creating boldly flavored dishes. His other television credits include serving as host of Food Feuds and Cook Like an Iron Chef, as well as a featured judge on season three of The Next Iron Chef.

Daphne Oz, passionate about health and wellness, is The Chew’s fresh face of healthy living, and resident practical tipster, sharing her personal insights, interests and helpful information.

Clinton Kelly, wonderfully known as the style host of TLC’s popular series What Not to Wear!  He has also appeared in several specials for TLC, including: The Miss America Pageant; Fashioning a Home with Clinton Kelly; Mind Your Manners and Redo My Spouse.

The show’s topic was spicy food and incorporating it in your daily life!  When you think of spice on your food, what do you think?  The Chew co-hosts thought of Tabasco sauce!    Lot’s of Tabasco sauce as a gift to the audience members, all the sauces that Tabasco makes!  SPICY time!

I had a wonderful time and as you may already know, it is quite a show!  I’d enjoyed the day, reconnecting with an old friend named Gordon Elliott, learning how to SPICE up my LIFE in my food and spending time with my friends!  Tickets can be requested through the website to attend or watch it, I am pretty sure you will have a great time!

Letia  Photos courtesy of ABC “The Chew” and Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design.

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