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Ch-CH-CHANGES with Eyelashes!!

7 Feb

” Help, this is probably the wrong time to be asking, since the party is this weekend! I’m seeing everyone having these beautiful eyelashes…only now I’m finding out they are false eyelashes!! 

How about you, do you wear them?   I was reading your post on table settings, seeing your picture I thought I ask, since your makeup looks fabulous!  🙂  I think I want to try!” 

Chandra Lewis, Philadelphia PA.

Hello everyone, I know…..I’ve been soooo busy that I am trying to keep up and dealing with my PC that crashed; I have learned all kinds of functions on my Blackberry!  🙂  Anyway, I received this e-mail in my inbox and wanted to give a response, so a little practice can be performed before the weekend!

Most women say their lashes are not full enough or just thinning.   So fatten them up!  How? False eyelashes — instantly!    This is nothing new, in the 50’s; it’s was considered Hollywood glam, now having falsies has become the staple, the norm and much expected.

If you don’t want falsies, they now have mascara which help bind your lashes with extensions, to the desired length! 

I like the dramatic look,  but for my every day look I wear less fuller eyelashes, see the picture.   It’s takes practice to put them on….but I guarantee you, you will get the hang of it and can’t believe you were without them so long!   

I use the eyelash strips, however; you can also do individuals.  All you need is:

Sherani Eyelash 41

a) Eyelash curler

b) Desired falsies lash strips or the individual ones

c) eyelash adhesive (for type of lashes) 

d) mascara

e) some liquid liner

Here’s a video on how to put them on:

Remember!  Have fun with them…choose different lengths for different occasions!  Stop at your local drugstore for brands like Ardell, Sherani, Revlon for beginners!  To get more exciting ones (their pricey), MAC Cosmetics has a great variety.  

They come in all different styles and types, where the price increases as you go for fuller and lengthy.  If not for you, try the mascaras which indicate lash extensions!    

Chandra, also make sure you remove your eyelashes at night!  Clean your eye lids gently with soap and water, removing all traces of adhesive.  It is very important that you keep your eyes clean.  The falsies can be reused about 3 times, each time you remove the falsies…remove all traces of adhesive.   Only about 3 -4 retries, then discard.  

Thanks for the question and have fun at your party! 

Letia 🙂

YouTube video by Makeup Geek

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