Oops! Too Many New Year’s Resolutions!

4 Jan


Waiting here on line, I am thinking about the New Year’s resolutions, so I thought I share!   New resolutions which may include, new diets, vitamin taking, excercise, cooking lessons, keep your closet in order and remember to call your best friend more often – because she has been complaining….”You are not keeping me in the loop!”

You’ve probably have guessed this is MY list; with added additions daily for  me to make sure to eat better, make your bed in the morning (yikes) and then be extra early in your arrivals! 

If you are like me, you also may be suffering from the ultimate pressure of making too, too many resolutions for the new year!   So, let’s pick two!  I said it only two!  TWO! You have a better chance of sticking to two, then twenty!   At least, I do!

So as I am planning the calendar year, I am putting little reminder alerts in my blackberry to stay focus.  I am a visual person, so this works for me!    A lot of events are approaching and I am prepping myself to forgo all the little pretty tray traps which always have me  eating extra!  Eat before I go!  This is one of my reminders!

The other is to keep my vision board up to date, for I have so many ideas!  My goal list should be present, front and center; so I can work towards it!  See that was easy; right?! 

So I’ve circled two of my resolutions for the year, if I complete them – then I circle the next two!  Try it! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and remember be courageous too! 

Yipppeee!  I am next to get my DD latte..I got to keep warm, for it is freezing in New York City and I am on 12th AVE by the water!   Brrrrrrrhhh!   See you later…and be well!

Letia 🙂

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