Box on your Checklist! It’s Never Too Late, Young or Old to Do It!

8 Oct

“I am always making excuses, I should have been doing what I love by now, being a fashion designer!

 I put everyone first, but I am screaming at myself…calling myself a failure!  I see other people’s accomplishments and how they progressed; it leaves me like I am settling.”  

Requested their name be marked anonymous. 

Life is hard, especially for those who refuse to settle.   When you’re young, you have all these hopes and dreams but the hardest time in my opinion is that period of life where you’re in between being young and approaching real adulthood.

When you are older, even more so than ever, you make decisions with also evaluating the period in your life, where you want change!   You used to not settle, but now you are!

No matter how old you are…. there will become a time where you have to sensibly decide whether you’re still going to reach for the stars or whether, it’s time to give up and settle for less. There is so much safety in sitting back and settling.

Sometimes people purposely gain more responsibilities to distract them from the fact that they gave up… I wonder if it’s more, or less painful to give up!

There are others you find are easily dreamers.   While for others it is a struggle.   We’ve all heard the cliché,  it all gets better with time!  There are some up-hill battles, some disappointments and even some set backs! I’ve had my share of them, but who hasn’t!

Yes, so there will be some hard times and even more so, some great times!.  The test is to press on, not quit….ultimately refusing not to quit.  Easier said than doing it!  I know!  It’s also to be able to say, it did not work or making a mistake; that’s OK too!!!!!   Nothing is etched in stone and there ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong in changing your mind!

Toddlers do it all the time, their determination in walking, talking and even letting you know they’re not feeling well….they keep trying until they have mastered the task or have gotten the attention that is required!  As you grow older, it never changes but put a bag of  “Life” into the mix and it gets harder!

Whether you are young or old, it is never, never, never too late to take the time to change things around; visiting who you are and showing up!  You’ll get better at it; soon you will be satisfied and feel good!

Anonymous, it’s your decision to make the move; which I pretty sure you are ready by you just sending the e-mail gives me the idea you want to so bad;  I hope this helps?  I’m sending you encouragement to take those steps, to help you get on your way.  If you want to be a fashion designer, then by all means… be a fashion designer!!  Start showing up for YOU, making yourself the priority in what you believe in!

Best of Luck,

Letia 🙂  Related articles

” Make the time for yourself, who else will have your best interest in mind….but you”   Letia

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