Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Sp/S 2012 – Tadashi

12 Sep

Introduced to him back in ’09, I fell in love with a Tadashi Shoji dress.  I felt beautiful and very comfortable in it,  designed with such great detail!

A definite eye-opener for NY’s Fashion Week this year, style, great lines and material flowing just beautifully, Tadashi Shoji leaves you wanting more!   Did you know that the Tadashi Shoji line also keeps the plus size woman in mind!. The design, the quality and the style is exactly the same, as if it was made for a woman who is a size 4!

Now, the dresses can run from $180.00 to 595.00; found in specialty stores and chains – such as Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.  However, by having clean lines, the dress will never go out of style! 

Leaving you to look at the  prior year’s design;  so keep a watchful eye on a sale!   Typing TADASHI in the search area of Designer Apparel’s website, will give you a listing of the dresses and what store has it:

I now own 2, a dress and a gown! Yes! I have worn them at different events!  By adding different jewelry, vintage looking accessories, a rose, a sash – hair up/hair down…… one will know!

To learn more about Tadashi and his designs,  I have attached The Tadashi Shoji website below, he also has a s blog site named    Please take a moment and review his Spring and Summer collection!

Letia 🙂

Video courtesy of MB Fashion Week via YouTube®

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