When Is the Best Time to Talk About? Honey…….the House..Ahhh

1 Sep

I am here on hold on the phone waiting for a flight confirmation back home, Hurricane Irene ’11 persuaded me to take a mini vacation! Checking my inbox, I see this @mail, which made me smile!

Bishop wrote about how do you talk to your girlfriend about changing up the room? The house actually. He is being kind!

He says the house is a bit dated and if he notices it, well others do too!
Bishop, well he gave examples, but I don’t want to get him in trouble! LOL.

Well, a paint color change or a new sofa? Pillows or new pictures…. Whatever you THINK should be done, you have to talk about it together!

It can be a little talk, right before calling it a night. It can be an invitation to Lowes or Home Depot with you, with a side track straight to the paint section. Or it can just talking in general, referring some ideas.

Here are a few ideas, which can change a room quickly:

New bold pictures
Area rugs
Bowls for coffee table
Paint walls
Add a mirror
Slip covers

Whatever they both decide, a talk can be the easy part. The next step is to do it!

Letia 🙂

Sent by Bishop from Memphis, TN.

Any ?, lee@lmlifestyleanddesign.com

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