Jersey Shore! Abercrombie & Fitch Says…if you guys stop wearing our clothes, We’ll Pay You!!!

17 Aug

Are you kidding me!    The reason, our reputation!!!!  It’s all over the news!  

So, I guess cast member Michael Sorrentino, “The Situation” of MTV’s Jersey Shore has created a real situation!   LOL!! When you think it couldn’t get any better, The Jersey Shore series gets great publicity and attention.  

I’m not sure whether Abercrombie & Fitch Marketing team is using this as a way to bring more attention to their brand; bump up sales for the remaining quarter or………are they really serious? They want the clothes OFF!  I don’t know guys!!!!!!!!!!!

Whatever the reason is, people are talking and I had to blog about it; because it’s absolutely CRAZY!  People, is it that bad!!!   Next there will be a commercial, saying TAKE IT OFF!  Fashion is wonderful!!!   😉

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     Letia 😉

Photo provided by MTV Productions

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