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Twitter It’s Not! But This Bird is Cute!

7 Aug

Have you ever seen something and you had to have it!

Others may say what’s the big deal…but to you; it’s a must!    For me…it was a MUST!  GOT TO HAVE IT!

I’ve waited over one month and three days and 6 hrs. on back order for this item.  For I was not  the only one who loved it!   I’d opened the box and said “Awhhhhh”!

It’s not too fancy, a conversation piece and it looks great in your kitchen’s window sill.   West Elm has the coolest and not your so typical items.  It’s the little things that can make us happy, for me anyway!  🙂

Check out their website!



Letia 🙂

Photograph from West Elm®’s catalog.  A company under the Pottery Barn®, Williams-Sonoma®  family; West Elm® believes good design should also be affordable. “Enduring style, good quality, and accessible prices give everything we make inherently good value.”

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