Do You Want Great Lookz!

3 Jun

I was looking for some formal gloves for an affair which I’m attending and my dear friend introduced me to Great Lookz’s website. 

What a fun website and the coolest items, at reasonable prices!  

Need a Victorian parasol, satin gloves or how about some sexy hosiery!

Located in Arizona, Great Lookz has been selling fashion accessories online for over 10 years.   They specialize in offering those hard to find items and pass along big savings due to they buy in bulk.  

For any special occasion or that much-needed wedding item; this site is a definite must!!!!  I’d spent an hour on the site looking at everything and had to stop!  I made my list, but I’d ordered the gloves (so much to choose from).

The gloves (ordered 2 pairs) will be here next week, I am kind of excited….I love dressing up! 

For Niecy Nash’s and Jay Tucker’s wedding, a parasol fits right in!  Beautiful!

Niecy Nash and Jay Tucker's Wedding May 28th

Go see their stuff!  Click their company icon below to be brought to the website:   

Letia 🙂

Pictures depicted are from the Great Lookz website.  Nash’s and Tucker’s wedding picture, Courtesy of Heidi Ryder/Life & Style Weekly.

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