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The MakeUp Show NY 2011

16 May

Where can makeup artists go to get the latest information and great deals?  Where??

The Makeup Show is here in NYC!

For two days The Makeup Show NY provides a way for the attendees to learn about the newest lines and product launches.  There are contests, giveaways, gift bags, On MakeUp magazine issues and discounts for all sorts of cosmetic tools.

Although I am not a makeup artist, it does not mean that I would never need one!  They are the hardest working and we count on them to make US our best!

I spent some time with Sam Fine; where he gave pointers on his craft and how he perfected it!

I suggest you pick up his latest DVD; it is the best tool for artists and those who want to put on their makeup, the RIGHT way!

Sam also provided priceless information on how to create your clientele and getting those recommendations.

His tips can be used for anyone, for any genre <smiling, he is such a wonderful person>.

  • Network, be open to meet people
  • Have business cards
  • Create your website
  • Utilize the internet; seek agencies
  • have an up-to-date portofolio

More about Sam?;  please see my post – Fashion Week, the Artist and Sam Fine.

Next on my list was Reggie Wells “The Professor” was so busy, I gave him a quick kiss and kept it moving!  Reggie is also a gem, best also in the field.

My daughter and I went around checking out the different booths; my second goal was to find my eyelashes!  I succeeded, I-ENVY by Kiss! I’m set for the rest of the year!!!!

The MakeUp Show’s next stop is Chicago! for more information!

Letia 🙂

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