Bad Paint Job!

10 May

The house painter you’ve hired can be your friend or not!   Sonia, from Fort Worth, TX had sent me an e-mail, horror story about how the painter she hired was from HELL and did not finish the work and on top of that, more paint had to be brought; as well as hiring new painters to complete the work!

All I can say, is to get references, references and then some more REFERENCES!!  Sonia admitted at the end of her e-mail; she didn’t. Straight out of the Pennysaver.  

The painters you hire, have to be on time, give you a contract indicating what the service is, how many rooms and how long they are going to be.   It should include clean up and most of  all their license – if there are damages!  And read carefully, before you sign anything!

There’s nothing worse than having a painter doing sloppy work; the brushes have to be clean ; ready to use and they should want to come to work and do the job!  (no walking around doing nothing) With the Internet, the company can be looked up easily with the BBB!

Do you have a painting horror story?  Please share, for Sonia believes she is the only one!!!!  We all learn by our mistakes, but we don’t want to spend a lot of money to get it!  Just sharing some pointers to keep in mind! 


Letia 🙂

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