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ABC’s Happy Endings – Hiliarously Funny

18 Apr

Just a little Tube Talk! Did you like ABC’s Happy Endings sitcom?  I did, even though it reminds me of a little of the “Friends” platform; it has a funny and young crazy edge that had me laughing for the whole entire hour!

All the things that we worry about, marriage, having babies, lying about your age and the dating scene.  A great comedy about lovers, friends and the day-to-day stuff.

Although the sitcom had mixed reviews, let’s say give it a chance (stop comparing)!

If you need a good laugh, I recommend you watch.  Check your local listings and prepare to laugh!  I did!!!

And by the way!  The set designs are great (you know me!) 🙂

Dave   Zachary Knighton

Alex   Elisha Cuthbert

Jane   Eliza Coupe

Max    Adam Pally

Penny Casey Wilson    (my favorite)

Brad    Damon Wayans Jr.

For those of you have not seen it; here the pilot.

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