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New York Design Center at 200 Lex!

5 Apr

Where can you go to find out the latest designs, textiles, paints and even the best coffee?  NYC’s own New York Design Center.   Last week, I’d received an invitation to attend their 4th annual “Check-In to 200 Lex”.  The Design Center is located downtown Manhattan on Lexington Ave.  This is where the NY Design Center opens their door for 5 hours to allow the latest hospitality product designs to be reviewed through the many showrooms!   Sponsored by Interior Design Magazine, their collaboration made my trip; so worth while.

Arriving around 4:30, upon entering the doors out of the cold, I was greeted by a wonderful staff; letting me know the various speakers, Interior Design magazine’s March issue, NY Design Center’s latest ARRAY magazine  and a program detailing all the wonderful things happening that evening.    13th floors and each showroom offered water, wine, various cheeses and quaint hor ‘deurves!   I tried not to get carried away, because I have to drive back home!  LOL!

I was unable to take pictures, however I am able to let you know some of my favorite showrooms viewed and also offer their website for more information.  

Kasthall – The most beautiful woven rugs, you ever want to see!  Each piece has a story and made in Sweden with absolute care!  The quality is impeccable.


Valdimir Kagan Couture – designs of modern furniture, with no rules.  Yes; you definitely can mix modern furniture with traditional furniture; coming out with a wonderful look.  I simply fell in love with his designs and details in his crafting of wood pieces – meticulously ensuring the wood grains of a UpSilon table matched perfectly.

Ted Boerner NY – All I can tell you, if you are looking for luxurious leather furniture —you could ever imagine; this is the place!

1st Dibs – Special exhibitions of collections by various designers.  You can’t help checking behind you, to see if anyone is eyeing what you are eyeing!  The collections are so wonderful… the name is so right!

Benjamin Moore – The opportunity to see the new designation that BM is going to!  Going Greener!  Making environmentally friendly coatings for their paints is their commitment!  Zero VOCs, no paint smells and great performance  for coverage.  The new brand name is Natura – Interior Waterborne Paint.   More and more people are concerned with the Earth’s environment and how can they do their part! If interested, it’s available at your nearest BM retailer.

Metropolitan Lighting Fixture Co. – The most wonderful lighting collections; if you are looking for unique lighting – this is the place to go.

Lastly, while in Valdimir Kagan Couture showroom,the manager Jim Callan was explaining this wonderful piece, when I also noticed the many beautiful Lucite pieces there.  I’d met the owner Marc Ross of Spectrum West Collection (VP and Creative Director).  Ironically he is the designer of the Lucite desk featured in my recent post on my visit to Architectural Design’s Home Show, a couple of weeks ago (the one, I was marvelling over)!!!  What a delight!   We discussed how the furniture is created; so interesting.  The process involves a lot of hard work and patience.  The outcome results in some beautiful and unique pieces.

After running back and forth to feed the parking meter, the time just flew; 6:45 is when I decided to leave.  I had a wonderful time, tired – but I still was able to get a little energy and headed to New York Magazine’s Wedding event on 18th Street; for I had someone holding a goodie bag for me! 🙂

Letia 🙂

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