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Beautiful Indian Weddings – A Wonderful Experience!

17 Mar

A traditional wedding can have  different meanings in various cultures!  So I’ve decided to look at different traditional weddings and start sharing; you never know… you may get some ideas!  First on my list, are Indian weddings.

Thanks to the great photography of Keith Cephus, he has captured the essence of tradition, each couple’s love and their own take on having a hint of modern!  Take a look: pictures

I’ m so happy to share his work with you!  Weddings are such joyous occassions; no matter what your culture is!

If you ever thought you would n’t be able to experience weddings such as these, guess again!  Enjoy!  Look at Suburbian Video’s captions!

Letia 🙂

KC Productions Inc®, “Indian Weddings” by Keith Cephus Photography.  To see more of Keith Cephus’s portfolio, go to  Youtube® Video by Suburbian Video.

All Smiles with a Lukas Pusch Postcard!

17 Mar

This card was sent to me; to make me laugh and put a smile on my face.   Lukas Pusch, is the Austrian artist which has the most intriguing photos.

On the back of this card, it said “Hope you are well and wake up every morning saying  Oh Yeah!”

Enjoy your day; will be returning soon!

Letia 🙂

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