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Now What!

9 Mar

Cindy Montclair, NJ:.  “His taste is really bad and I don’t want him to pick out the furniture!  What should I do?  It’s bad Letia, really bad”

You finally decided to buy the furniture!  But what made you decide to pick this?  I hope you did not say that?

Did an argument arise…. and now you guys aren’t talking!  He’s likes things simple!  You like things lively.  So how do you fix this!    Or you just don’t!  You are going to have to; if you don’t want to be miserable and sitting on the floor!

How can you work together to choose for your furniture, so that you are both satisfied with the result?   Are you rolling your eyes in complete disgust? To be honest, the compromise is not always go the right way.  There are better ways to go about it, each get’s their own room to design and be happy.

This way each person’s style is present in the home and everyone is happy!  Let me know, if that’s doable; you can decorate – so all of it works together somehow.   Also, stop and remember that doing things together….does mean TOGETHER!

Letia 🙂

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