For Men, Great Item for your Dopp Case!

3 Mar

“Do you have any favorite products for men;  just curious?”  Todd from Boise, ID.

Of course !  You may know this already.  In 1919 Charles Doppelt decided to invent a bag for men to store their grooming tools.   It’s called a dopp case.  This bag became widely used in WWII… which now men sometimes today refer to as a travel case.

With the new flight regulations, it is hard to find accessories that meet the guidelines.  When checking in, too often I see items being thrown out, because the containers were not the correct number of ounces.

So to help you guys out, who do spontaneous trips or often travel, Anthony Logistics for Men has some great products!

They have a travel kit for about $35.oo, which has the essentials for you when travelling.  Their TSA approved and packaged so it’s readily available; when you are in a hurry! Even if, not flying, it’s also great for weekend getaway or keep in the glove compartment!

Men are simple, so this Grab N Go kit would be just right.   The website is and is strictly about a guy’s needs in taking care of their skin.

Letia 😉

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