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Pantry Organization 1 on 1

2 Mar

My pantry is always a mess! What’s the point of having one, if you can’t find the elbow macaroni or the tomato paste.

When’s the last time; you did a pantry overhaul?

And what did you find in there, that you forgot?

That’s a question, not a statement!

I’m thinking, this does not make any doggone sense!

I have risotto in here, fine imported olives and look, chutney!

Now I don’t want to be considered a wasteful person, I’m going to blame it on no organization!!!

Now, if you go to my closet, all the shoes are in their boxes, the dresses are color coordinated and sweaters lined up.  Oh Boy! Here, I’m always telling everyone to organize their closets and my pantry is a nightmare.  I should place the same emphasis to my pantry.

If I can clearly see what I have, before going shopping… first, I would spend less money; only buying what I need! And second, I would not have to continue treating the pantry like a hidden door…it’s there! 😉

So I’m going to Target and the Container store to get some things!

Here’s my list:

  • Stacking shelves
  • Labels
  • Plastic storage baskets
  • broom/mop holder
  • Dividers
  • See-thru containers (for spaghetti, noodles, rice, etc).

I know this has nothing to do with fashion, decorating, design or the latest makeup item! <giggle>

If you are having the same difficulty, please know you are not alone…we just have to get organized.

Oh! Check your food expiration dates.  If not expired and you do not need it, place all items in a box and GIVE!

Letia 🙂

Lucille Ball by, containerstore, Target®.

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