Steven Klein, Indeed More Than a Fashion Photographer!!!

24 Feb

Catching up on my reading <a pile of 25 magazines to get to>. I was looking at this particular article in a three-year old Fashion Rocks Fifth Anniversary magazine, fascinated by this photograph!

When reviewing magazines, I always look at detail.  The lighting was absolutely perfect.

Every item was clearly depicted in the photograph.  From the ring nose, the rings on the model’s fingers to the wood grain on the staircase banister!

It’s about being able see each article of clothing in the photograph, which was definitely achieved .  S o I am reading the ‘See information’; trying to know more about the photographer, nothing found really!

So, I surf the internet and find out more about him…Steven Klein!  Smiling to myself,  because I knew he really had to be someone BIG;  for the photograph told it all!  Reading about him he is a genius in his own right!  Found out that his photos have contributed to the success of  many celebrities!

From Brittney Spears, Madonna, Brad Pitt to Lady GaGA!   He has worked on many campaigns, high-profile campaigns to be exact,  Calvin Klein, D&G, the late Alexander McQueen;  to name just a few!    Owns his own production company <he directed Lady GaGa’s controversial video Alejandro> and is,  as I always say… on the move!

Yep!  I got all this from a photograph; you’re saying!  It did it’s job, to have the reader intrigued!   Here’s the picture, the clothes are portraying a Paul Wentz look and a few other photos! Fashion, decorating, videos  – all need a creative base to get YOU interested!  I may be late in knowing about him, but  Steven Klein you definitely rock!

Video will only play in YouTube, press YouTube logo at bottom right-hand side to be directed to play..its a great biography of Steven Klein.  

Letia 🙂

All photos by Steven Klein

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