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Great Decorating at!

22 Feb

I am always asked where do I find most of my decorating items.   Looking for something; but don’t know where?

Or you maybe looking for a certain feel that you are trying to convey, like a time period.    Popular among young adults, Urban Outfitters is also a wonderful site for decorating, which you may be interested in!

From window treatments to wallpaper, their items are quite wonderful.  Great choices for apartment dwellers and great essentials for those living in a home.

Recently asked to help to find seating for a small area at a boutique, the owner’s color scheme was very precise.  Velvet, turquoise, purples and Victorian modern!

Since I’m working with a small area, I was looking for a settee, some may think it’s a chaise – but the difference is a settee has two arms, where a chaise only has one; which slightly higher.  Just a little decorating one on one! 🙂

UrbanOutfitters helped me a lot!  Velvet curtains in purple,  a tufted settee in turquoise, a multi-colored shag rug!

Now the shag rug only came in one size, about 3 ft x 2 ft.; tagged for the price about $28.00.

So to accommodate the area in front of the settee, 8 needed and will be sewn together!

To add charm, I also saw these door knobs as curtain tiebacks!

It’s really the basics with some color.  Yet utterly inviting and a personal taste of the owner, it works!

Given the OK, orders are being placed and looking for small table and accessories next (pillows, coat racks, etc)!

Urban Outfitters Home Sweet Home has some really nice items,  being creative is fun!  So take a look!

Letia 🙂

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