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How About Some Fashion Arm Candy?

21 Feb

Everyone now and then enjoys candy!  It gives people pleasure, while sitting for an appointment, it helps you to wait patiently until called; it satisfies a craving and it’s the one thing that you can share with great ease.

Have you every wondered about the candy wrapper?  Yeah, the wrapper!  Well, it’s being put to great  use.

Sustainable living, as more and more efforts are put forth to recycle, to use organic foods and materials; fashion is right along with it!

Nahui Ollin designer Olga Abadi discovered the ancient Mayan technique of binding everyday materials into handbags at a cultural festival in Mexico; taking this technique and created fashionable handbags, made of what?  Candy wrappers!!!!

It takes about 4,000 defective candy wrappers  and about 4 days to make a handbag.  Before allowing the wrappers to end up at a landfill, they are rescued!

The company has broaden the materials to soda bottle wrappers, comics, newspapers and gum wrappers!  The items are quite durable.

So the goal is quite clear!  Rescue, recycle and recreate!

The prices range from affordable to high-end.

There are many varieties of  bags.  Great gift ideas for a young person, a friend who is eco-friendly conscious or just having a fun item; the Nahui Ollin handbags are a great choice!

Now gals who are looking for some arm candy; this is sure one way to get it!

Letia 🙂

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