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Mercedes-Benz NYFALL 2011 – Betsey Johnson

17 Feb
Fashion designer Betsey Johnson in the 2007 Re...

It’s the last day of NYFALL2011 week; which leaves me to one of my favorites, Betsey Johnson.

No rules, no cohesiveness, no big wedding gowns…..just having fun and giving the non-conventional woman, an option!

Her collection, although may seem outrageous to some…there are outrageous women who just simply love it!

And the teenagers are CRAZZZZZY about her clothes!  She’s done it again!

Letia 🙂

Video by MBFWeek,

Mercedes-Benz NYFALL2011 – Tracy Reese!!!!!!

17 Feb

You know, I pay attention to detail, the backdrop gives you a clue of the color palette for Tracy Reese’s Fall collection!  Loved it, Loved it LOVED IT!!!!!!!!

Letia 🙂

Video by MBFWeek,  Photo Tracey Reese and Gabrielle Union.

Mercedes-Benz NYFALL2011 – Farah Angsana

17 Feb

It’s impossible to show you all the designers, so I have picked the designers which you may be familiar with and not so familiar with.

Which allows me to segway to Farah Angsana.  Best known for her couture bridal fashions, she has put the pizzazz in formal wear!

You can definitely see her collection in a ’40’s or ’50’s movie.  Imaging a Greta Garbo emerging from a long stairway with one of  her gowns.

Now if you like sequins, gowns, furs and flirty dress numbers!  Then you will like her collection.

By looking at her videos and the many videos posted; you get ideas and examples of what is trendy.  You can then shop at affordable stores with the same fashion sense!

Enjoy the video!

Oh! If you are watching with underage children, press the mute button….there is some language you might not want them to hear!

Letia 😉

Video by MBFWeek ,

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