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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week – Christian Siriano Fall 2011 Collection

12 Feb

For NYFALL 2011, this year Chrisitian Siriano collaborated with Fiji Water for showing his FALL 2011 runway show.   Like many of who love his work, I’d watched Christian Siriano’s Fall collection on Fiji Water’s live stream!

Christian had a different approach this year; which many were very surprised!  It is always good to not do the norm; circumventing himself, he had a different appeal!   Yes, he’s known for enormous colorfulness, but there are some women; who love his style – but may feel a little refrained in wearing his garments.    I believe he has satisfied those women on the other side of the spectrum.

I particularly play close attention detail.   It started off with the backdrop, a mere iridescent green and low lights; which gives you a hint on the color scheme about to happen.

Then the models came out, the collection started with black, then the iridescent green, then mauve to continue with mixing the same colors with black! The detail; is what he should be most proud of!  Tucks, ruffles, back to shimmer green and black…just fun,  spunky and different with an edge… with a flair knowing it was designed by Christian!

His collection has added new meaning to the black cocktail dress!  Then you have the gowns! Loved them!  My favorite was this black gorgeous 50’s style, with a twist, the front was sheer, to allow the legs to be shown!  Now, if you are going to choose this gown, you must have GREAT legs!  It’s a must!!!! LOL

Now the models had a little slips, a fall or too, but that’s to be expected!  Christian’s Fall collection fits right in; there was something for every type of woman!

Here are some photos, before the runway show:

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Just in case, you didn’t get a chance to see the collection!  The music is by Brad Walsh (I always get asked this!)

Letia 🙂

Video by fatelefashion/YouTube, photos by C. Siriano via Twitter.

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