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FashionWeek – Berlin 2011 Highlights

10 Feb

In case you didn’t see them all, here’s a recap of the hightlights!


Meinen deutschen Freunden! Danke.


Letia 🙂

Glam Up your Desk From Bath Accessories!

10 Feb

Hey, you ever thought about giving a glam effect to your desk! Many desk accessories are OK, but guess what you can also use? Bathroom accessories! Next time you are in the bed and bath area of a store, look at the styles you perhaps might would like also on your desk!

Bathroom ensembles are very decorative and fashionable now.  Why not choose a holder, one does not have the toothbrush holes, but has slots (or  is detachable)?  This can be used for holding pens or pencils on your desk!   The drinking cup can be used also as a holder!

Some tissue holders are usually designed with a slot at the top; nothing on the bottom.  Turn it over and you have a vase to hold silk flowers to put on your desk.  Or better yet, if you want real flowers, put a smaller glass vase inside, fill it with water and place your steams.   If you can’t use it for what I mentioned, still use it as a tissue holder, but place it on your desk!

Soap dish holders can be used to hold paper clips, rubber bands, staples, change etc.  The wastebasket at your desk,  does not have to be drab!  Use the decorative bathroom wastebasket and place it right by your desk!

If you notice, it appears the wastebaskets are getting smaller in diameter, they also can be used as a vase!  Got you thinking???   The soap dispenser, does not have to be in the bathroom.   You can fill it with hand sanitizer; it will be a rather nice way to keep you hands clean for you and those who visit!    These are just some ideas to bring some brightness to your desk, the way you like it!  Let’s call it room recycling!

See what’s on my desk,  see the pencils, that’s a toothbrush holder!  Really!  I love silver and its accented with broken mirror pieces.  A little different; but kind of  nice for my desk!!

I was also using the matching wastebasket as a vase, until one of my girlfriends said, that it would make a wonderful EARLY birthday present!   All I can say to that, is that I don’t have it anymore! 🙂

So the next time you are in a store, take a look!  There are so many styles to choose from!   You don’t have all the accessories at your desk, but choose a couple!    Your space is important and it’s fun to be creative!

Remember; there are no rules!

Letia 🙂

P.s.  Don’t forget to look in the clearance section too!

Pearly Queen, Bathroom ensemble by Blonder Bath, ®

Grammys! Who’s Your Pick for Best Female Pop?

10 Feb

Without music, where would be?

The Grammys will be this weekend!  I love it all, the performances, the fashions…can’t wait to see what Lady GaGa will be wearing!

I’m on pins and needles to find out who will win this year The Best Female Pop Vocal Performance!

Who will I think will win?  I am soooo torn from GaGa O LaLa  – Lady Gaga  or  Don’t ever look back…. Katy Perry!  All nominees had a very exciting year! Would you say?

We will see!!!  Who’s you pick?  Need help deciding, their music videos are here to help you out <just a little!> 🙂

Cast your vote!

Letia 🙂

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