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Check Back Tomorrow? All I Want Is the Sun!

9 Feb

You ever was looking for something and the store didn’t have it?  It’s happens to everyone.   So here, I’m waiting for “customer” service and the rep says “Check back tomorrow”.  Are you kidding me! It’s over like that! What happened to, let me check another store, let me see what’s in our warehouse or give me your name/number and we’ll give YOU a call!

Customer service is key and it’s important to handle with care, because the store really does n’t want to lose a customer!  If the experience is great, they will be back!   So what did I do, I asked for the manager! Come to find out, the sunbeam wall plague was in the back of the store, a shipment had come in and the items had not been placed on the floor or set with a SKU number.  See! Just taking a little time and everybody is happy.   I got my plague, the store got a purchase and my being annoyed was diffused, with the accomplishment feeling!

Oh! Why the plague, one of my readers loves the CBS SUNDAY MORNING show.   The program’s sun logo, its signature emblem has been this for the last three decades.  She also wanted a replica in her home <she said for her deck> and asked if I could find her one!  With so many styles, she liked this particular one!

When shopping, make sure you get the service, you worked hard for your money and partaking from it to make a purchase is important!  Especially if it is something you really want!


Letia 🙂

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